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About Us

Goftogoo International Legal Group (GILG) included lawyers, legal experts and university professors on only Special Legal Areas such as international trade law, oil and gas law, investment law, government contracts law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).our practice is global and includes matters originating in /or outside Iran. We provide full legal services to our international and internal clients with focusing on the economic and financial results of any legal action. We appraise and evaluate any legal decision with the formula cost-benefit before any proposal and action.

Furthermore we combine the knowledge, experience and energy of engineers, financial and commercial experts to solve our clients’ most complex challenges in shape of Project Legal Management and Claim Management especially at the government contracts. Our strong claim management team is well-versed and highly experienced in quantification, documentation of raised claims before bringing them against arbitration tribunal or court. In this regard, we firstly propose to our client it is better and optimal to manage the claims via alternative dispute resolution (ADR) then other methods.

Our Practice Areas

GILG provides private corporations, investors, enterprises and companies full services new methods resolving disputes such as Negotiation, Arbitration, Conciliation and Mini Trail by sophisticated lawyers, negotiators, arbitrators and conciliators.

Oil and gas sector and its related LPG, LNG and CNG are the most attractive sector in Iran. GILG’s lawyers have a lot of legal experiences and knowledge regarding the type of oil contracts entered into yet and attended at some of contractual negotiations of these contracts.

GILG has handled types of government contract formation, litigation or counseling problem, representing.

Goftogoo International Legal Group (GILG) has extensive experience in assisting companies and individual business persons with their foreign direct investment projects in Iran.

From time to time, a business may face a significant claim (or group of related claims) that has the potential to disrupt their normal business activity.

We know how important the smooth operation of commercial agreements is for the daily operation and profitability of a business.

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