Specialists in the International Trade Law, Government Contracts and Claim Management

About Us

About Us

Who Are We

Goftogoo International Legal Group (GILG) included lawyers, legal experts and university professors on only Special Legal Areas such as international trade law, oil and gas law, investment law, government contracts law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).our practice is global and includes matters originating in /or outside Iran. We provide full legal services to our international and internal clients with focusing on the economic and financial results of any legal action. We appraise and evaluate any legal decision with the formula cost-benefit before any proposal and action.

Furthermore we combine the knowledge, experience and energy of engineers, financial and commercial experts to solve our clients’ most complex challenges in shape of Project Legal Management and Claim Management especially at the government contracts. Our strong claim management team is well-versed and highly experienced in quantification, documentation of raised claims before bringing them against arbitration tribunal or court. In this regard, we firstly propose to our client it is better and optimal to manage the claims via alternative dispute resolution (ADR) then other methods.

Why Us

*We are expert on special legal areas especially in the field of International trade law

*We act in the shape of Project Legal Management and Claim Management especially at the government contracts

* We decide and operate with regard to business environment not only based on legal issues.

* We enjoy our work and are determined to deliver the best and special to our clients;

* We recognize that the reputation of our group is vital to our success and we all have a duty to preserve and grow it for the long term.

* We work wherever our clients need us.

Our Vision

Based on our greatest experience that is our clients trust, we want to expend our special services to all clients everywhere and cover the whole of their concerns regarding special legal issues and occasionally in shape claim management. We trace the client satisfaction to the highest levels and being preferred choice for them.

Our Values

* Rendering Special Legal Decision with regard to economic, financial and commercial effects;

* Treat clients with respect, consideration, courtesy and satisfaction;

* Thinking professional and working globally;

* Team working and mutual trust inbound;

* Knowing business deeply and practically;

* Adding values to our clients.

Our Mission

To provide full and special legal services with regard to their economic and financial effects based on cost-benefit formula and occasionally in shape of Project Legal Management and Claim Management. We will accomplish this through the empowerment, specialist, and skilful team including lawyers, university professors, engineers, financial experts and financial advisers.


Goftogoo International Legal Group (GILG) is an independent and multi-skilled in the fields of providing special legal services based on the continuous training and academic and professional enhancement of its lawyers occasionally together with engineers, financial and commercial advisors. On this basis, GILG structured and equipped to meet the special legal areas and claim management.

Heads of Departments

* Engr Ali Aliyari. Statistics and Engineering Department

* Dr Javad Kazemi Litigation & Dispute Consulting Department

* Eng Teymor Jamali Commercial Department

* Dr Hasan Fallahi Financial Department

* Dr Farokh Javandel Contractual Department

* Engr Hamid Kani Technical Department

How Can We Help

In the special practice areas mentioned, Gotogoo International Legal Group (GILG) proposes its special legal services in three stages respectively as fallowing:

* First Stage: Providing contractual advice for entering into international and government contracts and also negotiations connected to them;

* Second Stage: After occurrence any claim, its management in related authorities including quantification, evaluation, documentation and prosecution.

* Third Stage: Bringing claims before arbitration tribunal or court.