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Contract Law

Contract law

We know how important the smooth operation of commercial agreements is for the daily operation and profitability of a business. Our group works closely with clients to understand and advise on how a given commercial agreement will support the client to achieve its individual business goals, considering the core values of the respective industry. We also provide clear and commercially valuable legal analysis of the risks attached to commercial agreements, supporting our clients’ needs on regular basis. The support that we provide aims the commercial agreements to be clear and appropriate, as well as not to be exposed to unnecessary or unintentional legal and financial risks. Attorneys of group provide complete and customized solutions with respect to local and international commercial contracts, incorporation of partnerships, insurance, taxation, bankruptcy/insolvency, agency, leasing, franchising, distribution and licensing agreements, transportation and logistics agreements, equipment finance and leasing, employment agreements, and employee benefits. In this regard, full services of GILG include three stages:

Pre-Contract Services

The services of this part start after the end of feasibility study phase (if applicable) and include all services related to legal and contractual feasibility analyses up to the preparation of the first draft of the contract such as Analysis of the limitations and opportunities set out in feasibility study, Identification of the pivots of contract based on feasible study, Choosing best suited contract model based on feasibility study, negotiation, revision of the foreign law (law of the foreign party’s state) by the assistance of foreign legal advisors, revision of customs and practice applicable to the business relationship

Preparing Draft of Contract

After abovementioned stages, the GILG prepares the first draft of the contract taking into account client’s requirements, feasibility study outcome and domestic and international laws and practice. That is a draft to rely on in negotiations assured of legal accuracy.

Contract Management Services

The third category of GILG services is legal and contract management including: Preparing Contract Check List, Preparing Contract Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Modification and Amendment Management, Claim Management.