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Legal Management

Legal Management

From time to time, a business may face a significant claim (or group of related claims) that has the potential to disrupt their normal business activity. Examples include mass litigation or claims arising from: product liability, data security and privacy breaches, bankruptcy, environmental incidents, natural disasters or significant customer issues such as product rebates and recalls.When such a claim or event occurs, especially if it is complex and involves significant potentialLiability, an organization needs to take legal action at several levels. Even the most sophisticated organizations may find it difficult to initiate and manage these activities due to the size, scope, and complexity of the claim or event, the speed of response required, and the resources and costs necessary to respond in the appropriate time frame. GILG can help clients at the:

Claim Legal Management

GILG’s Claims Management Services team has worked on some of the nation claims management projects. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, structured approaches to assist our clients in responding to large and rapidly-evolving claim situations, across the claims process life cycle. Our professionals have extensive experience in crisis management, incident response, project management, and data and claims processing with focusing on project‘s legal issues. We provide services to our clients virtually anywhere in the Iran and around the world through the global resources of GILG.GILG applies a multi-faceted claims management model with focusing on legal issues and risk management to help clients achieve the cost efficiency of outsourced operational. This approach can enable clients to respond to the legal and regulatory requirements associated with large-scale claim situations. GILG has a history of supporting corporations with customized claims consulting and administration services that are based on leading industry practices and the integration of advanced technical and analytic techniques. Our claims administration and management team has considerable experience in managing the life cycle of claims processing for various clients. We manage claims via professionals who have specialized knowledge and diverse backgrounds in the fallowing fields: Business, Statistics, Engineering, Commercial, and Financial.

Project Legal Management

GILG advises sponsors, governments, construction companies and lenders on projects and project financings across energy, infrastructure, mining and telecoms throughout the world. We provide our clients with a totally integrated service on all aspects of project work with specialists in all relevant areas of law. Our lawyers and other specialists win praise for their technical ability as well as their commercial approach and can provide a comprehensive service, including advising on joint ventures, project structures (BOT, BOOT, DBFO, DBFM, PPP and others), conducting legal due diligence, risk allocation and reviewing the “bankability” of project agreements, financing arrangements (Bank and bond) and relevant security packages and considerations across the Globe. In this regard some of our services as fallowing:

* Drafting and preparing tender documents regarding the type of tender (public, specific) with the focusing on main issues such as guarantees ( APBG, PBG,..);

* Preparing contract draft and its annexes;

* Holding meetings with other side to clarify ambiguities and contractual problems;

* After contract, providing legal advices on financial issues, monetary transactions;

* Legal review of contract identifying potential claims and documenting them;

*Settlement of disputes between the employer and the project by the use of amicable legal mechanisms with focusing on documenting

* Analyzing delays and documenting giving reports to clients.